cnc packing machine

In 1876, the French principle of Lavoisier proposed cutting. In 1887, the American Fletcher tested successfully using oxy-acetylene flame cutting steel. In 1901, the Belgium people ruoerlan designed and manufactured hand-cutting torch, gas lawn mower to be practical. 40, as a result of semi-automatic and automatic gas cutting equipment, gas cutting conditions were improved. Emerged in the 50 plasma arc cutting and packaging arc, and later developed a profile to a higher degree of automation, photoelectric tracking, CNC precision hot cutting equipment. 60, laser cutting technology can be developed.
Machine using a variety of heat sources equipment were essentially the same as heat source equipment for fusion welding and thermal cutting machine is often used to weld before welding cutting and Groove processing, has a close relationship with weld, welding technology for thermal cutting are often grouped together under the realm.
Thermal cutting machine with centralized heat can melt and separate mechanical equipment. According to the thermal thermal cutting can be classified into gas cutting for coil packaging machine, arc-cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and so on. Metal cutting machine is the industrial sector, manufacturing, waste disintegration, mounting and dismantling of indispensable.
Packaging machine and mechanical Department to production various specifications high low voltage blow film unit, and double total squeeze blow film machine, and eagerly machine single gun, and double gun blow film unit, and PP blow film unit, and dense bags blow film unit, and letterpress (soft version) press (1-6 color), and computer high-speed flat mouth business bags stretch wrapping machine, and side seal (r) machine, and dense bags business bags machine, and manual sealing machine, and and generation guest set do various shaped non-marked packaging mechanical mainly.

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