Choosing the right semi-intelligent stretch wrapper

Choosing the right semi-automatic stretch wrapper for the right environment may be tough, unless you consider the lots getting twisted. While there are several distinct factors and models to pick from, there are 2 fundamental variations to take into account: a turntable stretch wrapper plus a straddle stretch wrapper. The figuring out component will be the makeup and construction of your respective pallet loads.

Over a turntable stretch wrapper, the stress spins all around with a turntable, whilst the film delivery process movements up and down, dispensingthe stretch film. A turntable normally rotates between 12 ¨C 15 revolutions each and every minute, so a pallet stress has to be stable and solidly created, together with the excess weight in the load uniformly handed out.

With a straddle stretch wrapper, the burden remains continue to even though the film delivery process rotates throughout the pallet, relocating up and down to distribute the film. This is useful for light and volatile lots that may collapse even though the pallet is turning. It’s also much better for really hefty loads that think about a lot more than 5,000 weight. There are turntables that can handle up to 5,000 pounds on a single pallet, but once you get beyond that, it is highly recommended that you use a straddle stretch wrapper.

Turntable stretch wrappers are prepared for nearly all stretch wrapping software. Our consumers overwhelmingly purchase the turntable stretch wrapper vs. the straddle. Nine out of each twenty stretch wrappers distributed are definitely the turntable model.

Yet another consideration is floor space. A turntable wrapper is portable, because you can always move it, if the need arises. They fit properly between dock entrance doors, which is actually a well-known location for semi-automated stretch wrappers. A straddle wrapper is much more permanent simply because you should anchor it to the floor.

A straddle stretch wrapper also uses up a lot more floor space as a result of rotation of your wrap left arm and supporting structure operate. You require a wider floor space for clearance around the arm. The turntable can be put in small areas with entry for forklifts hauling pallet plenty.

When roof height is an issue, the turntable stretch wrapper can be quite a far better option. Turntable stretch wrappers are typically shorter compared to a straddle wrapper with the same wrap size capabilities.

Prices are the ultimate concern. Turntable stretch wrappers usually vary from $5,000 to $15,000, whilst straddle wrappers can be more expensive beginning at $17,500 and up.

If you’re having trouble deciding between a turntable and a straddle stretch wrapper, you can always call your Lantech representative to help you decide which model is best for you.

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