Chinese tyre packaging machine comprising a framework 2014

the 2 engines 10 and two cylinders 9 are linked to the control having a PLC, the PLC controller handles its job.

Tyre Packing machine in using the wheel, the 1st deal in the tire to get suspended on two energy roller 7, and functioning of your generate tube 9 of the two stress rollers pressed downwards wheel 8, the wheel to be packed clip pressure curler 8 and momentum in between the curler 7. According to the different tire outer and inner diameter, adjustable PLC to control cylinder 9 of stretching to hold the tire pressure roller 8 is just as good. Wheel is clamped around the holder 3 Adhesive tape faucet resolved in the wheel, and then start off the motor unit 5 is motivated by two rotating swivel available whilst commencing the engine 10 so that power powered curler 7 wheel rotation, tire rotation after a few days may be finishing of the tire package.

The tyre packaging machine from the function procedure wheel, the tire is stopped from the power roller 7, and it will make certain that no deformation in the wheel rotation. Tire strain curler 8 pressed prevents rotation of the wheel happens while in whipping, the tire of your power powered curler rotating uniformly, so the opening 2 might be the tire swivel leggings uniformly across the package deal, which can successfully boost packaging quality car tires, the tire packaging a lot more wonderful.

[0018] Although the present embodiment provides practical new tire tyre packaging machine described in detail, for persons of ordinary skill in the art, according to an embodiment of the present utility model thinking, in the specific embodiments and applications will change on both theoffice and summary, this specification shall not be construed as limiting the utility model, where the design under this utility any changes made in the utility model protection range.

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