Chinese tyre packaging machine comprising a framework 2014

both engines 10 and two cylinders 9 are linked to the control by using a PLC, the PLC controller controls its function.

Tyre Packing machine in use of the wheel, the 1st package deal from the tire to be stopped on two power roller 7, and procedure from the drive cylinder 9 of these two tension rollers pressed downward wheel 8, the tire to get packaged clip pressure roller 8 and energy between the roller 7. Adjustable PLC to control cylinder 9 of stretching to hold the tire pressure roller 8 is just as good, according to the different tire inner and outer diameter. Tire is clamped in the holder 3 Tape faucet set about the tire, and after that start off the electric motor 5 is motivated by two rotating swivel open although starting up the engine 10 to ensure that potential pushed curler 7 tire rotation, tire rotation following a few days could be completion of the tire bundle.

The tyre packaging machine inside the work process tire, the tire is suspended from the strength roller 7, and it will surely make certain that no deformation from the tire rotation. Wheel stress roller 8 pressed helps prevent rotation from the tire occurs during whipping, the wheel of the strength pushed curler rotating uniformly, so the starting 2 could be the tire swivel leggings uniformly around the package deal, which could properly boost packaging good quality auto tires, the wheel packaging more gorgeous.

[0018] Although the present embodiment provides practical new tire tyre packaging machine described in detail, for persons of ordinary skill in the art, according to an embodiment of the present utility model thinking, in the specific embodiments and applications will change on both theoffice and summary, this specification shall not be construed as limiting the utility model, where the design under this utility any changes made in the utility model protection range.

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