Chinese tyre packaging machine comprising a body

[0010] Body 1 is a part view of useful embodiment of your technology.

[0011] Shape 2 is really a practical embodiment of the innovation right in front see.

[0012] Figure 3 is a practical embodiment of the invention in the schematic architectural view of the push device.

Distinct embodiments

[0013] The utility below in conjunction with the related drawings of your desired embodiments of the latest detail.

Tyre packing machine, the wheel tyre packaging machine includes a frame 1, the structure 1 is provided having a swivel opening 2, the opening 2 is supplied by using a swivel belt for winding package deal plate 3, the opening up convert The external peripheral top of the ring 2 has some support wheels, assist wheel from the group of people had been moved to the starting in the exterior circumferential surface of ring 2 is minimize, the help tire within the class, the assistance tire 4 by way of a the right time buckle connecting the electrical engine 5, the assistance wheel 4, via 6 is associated with the support wheel belt, electric motor 5 could be pushed assistance wheel 4,6 rotation, because the opening 2 and also the assistance rims swivel

4,6 tangent, in order that once the assistance tires 4,6 spin, the opening up 2 will even swivel swivel.

[0015] Within the opening up swivels two sides, correspondingly, having a potential roller 7, energy roller 7 as well as the rack a connection, two strength rollers 7 are every associated with a push process. The travel mechanism demonstrated in Body 3, which comprises a power motor 10, the motor 10 is set on the structure 1, the motor 10 with the belt 11 along with the power roller 7 is hooked up, the motor 10 can drive the strength curler 7 is rotated. Inside the two higher than the strength curler 7 are every supplied with a stress roller 8, the 2 stress rollers 8 and 9 correspondingly, via a pneumatic tube linked to the frame 1. Engine

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