China packaging machinery industry

According to statistics of the China packaging machinery industry Federation, China packaging machinery industry each year to maintain growth of around 16%,this is because the packaging industry as many supporting industries in thefield of the national economy, is to promote consumption and highlight thevalue of industry, its technological advances and services can bringprofound influence for other industries.
Packaging machinery products in China due to less variety, low levels oftechnology, product reliability reasons, faced with fierce internationalcompetition. Particularly in the past 5 years, accelerating the developmentof deep processing of agricultural products, and build a conservation-minded society, develop a circular economy and increase the intensity of technical innovation, resulting in a new round of technology introduction of climax.As for deep processing of agricultural products in recent years with a totalinvestment in China reached more than 32 billion yuan, and import processingand packaging equipment 80% above.
With the improvement of people’s living standards, increased demand for processed foods, fast food, so convenient for food packing machinery, processing machinery, and in high demand. While food packaging machinery inChina, due to the good quality and low price, is most welcome.
It is understood that the China food and coil packaging machine industryassociation in 2005, continues to organize companies in India exhibition and Development India market. Apparently, this will generate profits for thefood packaging industry to develop another village. In addition to India,U.A.E. really need China packaging machinery and food machinery, here is agreat market potential and prospects.
China’s products, especially small and medium food processing machinery andpackaging machinery, more suitable for U.A.E. and the entire market demandin the Middle East. The reason is, is because the U.A.E. ‘s packagingmachinery manufacturing industry has not really started, and the increasingmarket demand for packaging machinery. Second, U.A.E. weak industrial base,the national idea light exists. The China packaging and food processingmachinery into the U.A.E. market sales and manufacturing, offers a uniqueopportunity and a huge potential market.
According to voice of the national network news reports, international coil packaging Association today released in Beijing in the area of food packaging and many security risks, warns consumers at the same time, urging relevant departments to increase efforts to investigate and punish.

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