China entered the stage about wrapping

China entered the stage of rapid development, horizontal stretch wrapper and packaging machinery to open international markets in Europe and america. In order to successfully enter the international market, the relevant technical level and China packaging machinery, on the other hand, with the United States related to the morphology of packaging machinery market. As a highly developed market liberalization, USA packaging machinery manufacturers obvious polarization phenomenon.
At present, the development of world advanced packaging machinery have shown a set machine, electricity, gas, liquid, optical, magnetic, as one of the momentum, the production of high-efficiency, energy-saving products Recyclable of high-tech, practical, intelligent has become the trend, this should also be the main direction of development of packaging machinery industry in China the.
In order to test electronic product preparation, code device as the representative of the exquisite development in American prosperity; and with heat shrink packaging universal wrapping machine, wrapping machine and sealing machine based packaging machinery occupies a considerable proportion; large packaging machinery production line for filling machine, labeling machine, capping machine based, United States basically has no production, the market almost all the imported equipment, especially the German and Italian manufacturers of equipment occupied.
China packaging machinery manufacturing level and the level of industrial design through imitation, introduction of technology and capital and the globalization of procurement way to rapid development. Today, horizontal stretch wrapper,packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises in China easily through global procurement of some key components, so as to rapidly improve the equipment technical level and reliability.
In some low technology content products, a lot of packaging machinery in China now produces, already can meet the requirements of the USA market, and most likely to achieve a breakthrough in the short term. But in the automatic packaging machine, labeling machine, sealing machine and other equipment of mechanical hand, Chinese manufacturing machinery is also unable to Germany, Italy and Japan product competition.
Through technology upgrading and optimization, to achieve high-end packaging equipment localization is just around the corner. And through continuous application of high and new technology and promote the whole level of armed and fortified, industry, our country will be towards the direction of the world packaging center.

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