characteristics of horizontal stretch wrapper

The characteristics of horizontal stretch wrapper:
1, the PLC automatic control system, frequency control, electrical components adopt international famous brand.
2, using man-machine interface operating system.
3, mechanical overload automatic shutdown.
4, automatically reject lacking of package product and leaflet.
5, fault display, alarm and finished counting.
6, stable performance, easy operation.
Technical parameters:
Packing speed
30-120 box /min
Paper box
Quality requirements
250-350g/ square meters [regarded carton size and decide]
Size range
(L * W * H)
(65-125) mm x (30-85) mm x (12-50) mm
Quality requirements
60-70g/ square meters
The unfolded size range
(L * W)
(80-250) mm x (90-170) mm
Folding size range
(L * W)
[1-4] fold
Compressed air
The pressure of work
Greater than or equal to 0.6MPa
Gas consumption
Electric source
220V 50HZ
The main motor power
Overall dimensions (L * W * H)
2150 mm x 1140 mm x 1800 mm
The net weight
About 1100kg
Z-90 horizontal stretch wrapper,automatic cartoning machine is set light, electricity, gas, machine integration of high-tech products. It is suitable for bubble capsule and tablet forming, with plastic packaging global automatic box cover plates and similar articles. Transfer the working process is medicine board or goods (once a or a plurality of plate adjustable); drug instructions transmitted (1-4 can be folded automatic folding device stack); automatic carton forming and transmitting, medicine plate joint folded instructions at the same time into cartons; and complete the automatic batch, at both ends of the paper sealing tongue complex packaging process. The stretch wrapping machine can and blister packaging machine line is a kind of forming packaging line (SOL machine capable of heating).

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