characteristics of automatic vertical coil packaging machine

characteristics of automatic vertical coil packaging machine: this machine bag making, filling, sealing, printing, punching, count in one, using dual servo motor timing belt tensioned membrane, with automatic correction function. Cutters can be used flat knives, serrated, dashes, one of three ways. PLC control components are used internationally, such as brand-name products, reliable performance. Horizontal servo motors can also be chosen, stable and reliable. Advanced design, ensure the machine is suitable for different industries, adjustment, operation and maintenance are very easy to use. For use and a variety of automatic metering device. Automatic vertical packaging mechanism bags system used step into motor subdivision technology, business bags precision high, errors is less than 1 mm; controller characters displayed; rotating type cut knife, packaging speed fast, can in machine run in the free adjustment cut knife location; hot seal device four road heating control, double side each seal road can alone thermostat; thermal equilibrium good, guarantee sealing quality, applies Yu variety packaging material; smart type photoelectric color marked positioning control system; Visual sex good of side opened type protective bezel, operation security.
3. the classification of automatic vertical packing machine:
(1) automatic vertical vacuum packaging machine, is by changing the packaging of food storage conditions to prolong the freshness and the last stage technology. However, traditional type vacuum packaging machine packaging processes independent are needed by artificial operation is fan lock, packaging process too more artificial intervention very easy caused people, and real cross pollution, not conducive to food health security requirements, and legacy machine exists energy high, efficiency low, and labor more, and integrated cost high problem, restricted has vacuum preservation technology of using and industry development, so, research and development a can from upgrade to material, said heavy, pulled film business bags, filling, pumping vacuum, seal cut type, and conveying one-stop full automation completed of latest models, Became a place in food processing and packaging machinery industry face a major task and pressing issue.
Automatic vertical vacuum coil packaging machine
(2) automatic vertical coil packing machine, this machine is a large, vertical, three-side-seal, Pincushion, intermittent packaging machine. Auto-complete bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing, batch number, cutting, counting and so the whole process. Using screw-type volumetric method measurement methods, for particles greater than 200 purpose powder bag packaging. All devices in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and nontoxic wear-resistant plastic, meets the requirements of food and pharmaceutical packaging. Suitable for packing those prone to flow, or least liquid powder, monosodium glutamate, solid drink, sugar, glucose, pesticide, feedstuff, solid medicine, powder additive, fuel, etc. Packaging within the rated range in speed stepless speed regulation. Bag length micro adjustments: using coaxial photoelectric coding control via computer bag-making length, bag-making length is accurate, easy to adjust, easy to maintain, reliable heat sealing dual temperature control: temperature can be pre-set via intelligent temperature controller, temperature control is accurate, suitable for various coil packing materials, good balance to ensure quality seal. Photoelectric automatic orientation systems: using unique optical positioning technology, colour-coded packaging materials printing, can guarantee the full bag pattern. Stepless adjustment amount: using coaxial photoelectric encoder, control by microcomputer in achieving stepless adjustment within the rated range. Simple structure, reliable control accuracy and stability.

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