characteristic of the international production

The biggest characteristic of the international production network is take the Multi-National Corporation as the dominant. Many suppliers complement based division of labor mode. In this mode, the industrial international competition is divided into two levels: the first level, is the competition between the Multi-National Corporation, this type of competition in the industrial chain of high-end market, leading the industry development direction; the second level, is one of the many suppliers in complementary division of labor market competition, such competition in the low-end industrial chain, and nurture a large number of “world processing factory in the competition”.
Over the years, Chinese packaging machinery industry in the international market is mainly involved in second levels of competition, is to rely on the production capacity and the huge labor cost advantage is low, won the international competition in the market position. Therefore, only the formation of a strong advantage in the first level competition and second levels of competition, in order to make the international competitiveness of China’s machinery industry be promoted in general.
Bigger and stronger mechanical industry is to develop to high-end industrial chain, the formation of large Multi-National Corporation competition ability and.
Accelerate the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, focus on the development of high-end CNC machine tools and functional parts, marine engineering and oil shale gas equipment, intelligent manufacturing nine categories of equipment products; in the new energy and energy saving and environmental protection equipment field, focusing on the development of nuclear power equipment, new energy vehicles and other four categories of products. In the areas of major technical equipment, we focus on the development of high performance the intelligent agricultural equipment. And looking for complete sets of large-scale power transmission and transformation equipment five categories of products.

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