Change coil upender Machine Hydraulic system

1, a multi purpose mechanical molds stacker machine, which includes a base (1), the hinge axis (2), flip table (3), sequence (4), Magnetic table (5), the rotating shaft (6) , telescopic cover (7), distinguished in that: explained bottom (1) provided with upender engine (41), the anxiety sequence (44), the cross over sequence (43), upender the motor (41) is supplied with energetic back links tire (42); said hinge shaft (2) by three hinge assist (21) repaired to the basic (1) therein; said upender dish (3) by upender coupling wheel (31) and two hinge coupling go ( 32) easy-to-open on the hinge shaft (2) and also the hinge axis (2) while using guide sleeve moving fit, convert platter (3) is provided with a rotary motor (54), turning the engine (54) is provided using a driving items (53 ); mentioned sequence (4) along with the generate sprocket (42), the transition sequence (43) and also the tensioning sequence (44) engages the sequence (4) easy-to-open towards the two comes to an end of flip coupling wheel (31) all over the mind and then in upender coupling wheel (31) surrounding the arc, transform plate (3) with a chain (4) paired to drive upender tire (31) in accordance with the hinge axis (2) from to 90 ?? change; said magnetic desk (5) and the rotary shaft upender is paired; explained rotary shaft (6) by way of a couple of rolling bearings in upender plate (3), the rotary shaft (6) is supplied with a powered items (61), the motivated gear ( 61) using the driving products (62) engages, with a rotary motor unit (63) pushed from the generate equipment (62), the driven gear (61), the rotary shaft (6) and also the magnetic table (5) relative to the upender dish (3) with turn 360 ? ?qualifications; stated telescopic protect (6) set for the basic plate andflip and flip, change the table after a while (3) with each other for tension and pressure movements; the foundation have power control pack, manage container outfitted remote device running handle.

2, according to claim 1, wherein the mechanical multi-turn mode turners, characterized in that: stated magnetic bench (5) is provided using a plurality of magnet chuck (51) and restriction ?à to (53) , the magnet chuck (51) through several intermediate shaft (52) to each other ‘connection. ‘.

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