cement pallet packing machine and wrapping machine



Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging
Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging


More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Stretch_wrapping_machine.html 


1. Height is adjustable for different pallets

2. Forward and Back  is adjustable to keep necessary distance for safety and good wrapping

3. Tape tension adjustable to avoid  unwanted drawing

Automatic pallet wrapping machine for cement pallet.

cement pallet packaging machine with following data:


1)        Maximum loading:  2000 kg

2)        Max turntable speed:15r/min

3)        Turntable motor power:1.5kw

4)        Film carriage motor power:0.40kw

5)        Turntable conveying power:0.75kw

6)        Front conveyer :4m

7)        Back conveyer:4m

8)        Air pressure:8kgf/cm2

Film clamp: 4-5kgf/cm2

Film cutter:2-3kgf/cm2

Swinging arm: 6-7kgf/cm2

9)        Power voltage:AC/415V/60Hz


Discription Model

Pallet Wrapping Machine





film frame with cutter


1M Auto Cutter
Turn table conveyor
Tape device


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