semiauto plastic coil winding machine and coiler

It is semi auto winding machine for plastic pipe. The coiling tension is adjustable per need. one winder or two winders are available. These coiler & machines have different range features in common with our automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine. In some cases it can be designed to special

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Top Quality Upender and Tilter for Coil, Mold

The Fhope mechanism provides a simple and effective way of subverting metal coils, dies, molds, and other bulky loads. Mechanical upenders, sometimes referred to as coil locators, rotating steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, coils and other loads, through 90 degrees. They are used in a variety of production and

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Vertical Coil Wrapping Machine for Small Package

Fhope automatic coil packaging line to provide the level of custom packaging solutions including coil revolving door, under the German heavy, printing, packaging machine, strapping machine and palletizing machine… And special design – vertical coil packing line so that the coil is handled vertically.At the same time, we provide packaging

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Copper Wire Coiling and Packing Machine

FPC series copper winding machine is mainly used for packing copper wire, copper coil, cable coil, steel coil and so on. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency and beautiful appearance of packing, and is favorable for saving labor force and improving competition ability. Fhope produces intelligent packaging

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Wooden Bundle Making and Packing Machine

This solution enables billet handling to be particularly convenient and cost-effective. It reduces the price of a bundle of meters of billet tied to less than a euro. The yarn rope is easy to operate and environmental protection, and the manual rope winch is easy to tension and compress, so

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Highly-efficient Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine

The lowest price machine in our tmd-p26b range. The objective is to provide a machine that will increase productivity and quality / safety of the load, but at the budgeted price. Package settings and speed on the p26b are all pre-set levels, but for most customers will find satisfaction. If

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Automatic wire coil packing machine line

wire packing line

Automatic wire coil packing machine line Automatic steel wire packing machine for automatic film strapping and knit belt strapping.

Packaging size requirement for coil wrapping machine

宽Coil width(W):90~450mm 外径Coil outer diameter(OD): 1000-1350mm 内径Coil inner diameter(ID):508mmm 重Coil weight:100-5000kg 包材Packing material: PE /HDPE/PP/PAPER ID:50mm OD:200-450mm Width:100mm LLDPE/ /PVC ID:50mm OD:100-180mm Width:100mm Ring speed: 20- 70r/min 要求: 1. 西门子触摸屏 PLC 变频器 2. Fortress 电子锁+电源锁 3. 护栏高度1.8m 4. 双工位 5. 自动切刀机械手 we know the business. We’d like the opportunity earn

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