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Because its introduction in spring 2013, tapaz€”a shelf-secure, portable, hummus and crackers snack pack which”has occupied the sweet spot of snacking developments: convenience, wholesome ingredients, and a lot of protein. Now, brand name proprietor Mediterranean Snacks’ new hummus and pretzels pack is assembly one more consumer need: much less than two hundred calories.

Wrapper Treats in NINGDE, NJ, is a company of baked legume-based mostly snacks, this kind of as lentil and chickpea crackers, and lentil chips, amid other folks. Its introduction of tapaz2go expanded its choices into the “on-the-go, mini-meal” snack category. The original line in three hummus varieties includes a 21-g pouch of lentil crackers and an eighty-g thermoformed cup of hummus packed in a portable, compact carton. Meeting healthful snackers’ needs, the lentil crackers are Non-GMO Product Verified and Gluten-Free Certified, and the whole package provides seven g of protein.

A crucial comfort attribute of stretch€packing”for the consumer, distributor, and retailer—is the products’ shelf balance, creating it a popular merchandise for airways, foodservice venues, and vending machines. “After it was introduced, it turned a wonderful provide chain merchandise due to the fact you can ship it ambient, and you can shop it ambient,” suggests business Vice President of Advertising and marketing Lonnie Williard. “You don’t have to be concerned about managing your inventory the way you would for a perishable item.” For customers, getting a merchandise that doesn’t want refrigeration signifies it can be eaten wherever, anytime.

Williard describes that Mediterranean Treats put in 9 months creating a proprietary formula and method for the shelf-secure hummus. “It’s a mixture of the pasteurization approach that we use, the equilibrium of the acidity in the hummus, and finding the appropriate packaging,” she claims.

In March 2015, the business introduced a new tapaz2go edition comprising a fifty-g cup of red pepper hummus and a .9-oz bag of Snyder’s mini pretzels, with 5g of protein and 180 energy. The carton has a lengthier, thinner pencil case-like form, developed to attraction to Millennials by fitting effortlessly into backpacks and briefcases.

The two cartons incorporate other structural variations as properly. The cracker pack has a round perforation on the back again panel that, as soon as taken off, permits customers to spot the hummus cup inside of, producing a “mess-free of charge serving tray.” The pretzel carton is perforated along the top and entrance, making it possible for the consumer tear open the top of the box and peel it back again, making the box itself the serving tray.

Carton graphics, made in-residence at Mediterranean Snacks in collaboration with two graphic designers for the two various items, areas the focus on the snack parts and the merchandise benefits. “When we first launched tapaz2Go with crackers, the graphics had been marginally different,” says Williard. “We didn’t emphasize sufficient that you had been receiving hummus and crackers. We spent a lot more of the deal genuine estate trying to make clear tapaz2Go. So we realized from buyers that they ended up far more fascinated the hummus and crackers than in making an attempt to comprehend the tapaz2go notion.”

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