carpet roll packing machine with shrinking tunnel

carpet packing machine carpet bag packing and shrink machine

Two machines shows the carpet roll packaging solution with different bagging methods.

1. Automatic bagging machine is a kind of roll flow wrapping machine, which is with high speed is bag making and sealing.

2. It is a size sealer for material sealing and cutting the redundant material.


Following is the client’s inquiry for the carpet packing machine.


Hello Vincent

I was wondering if you can produce a shrink wrapping machine for carpets upto 10 feet long.

The second link sealing + shrinking would be very interesting our carpets go up to 9 feet long dimension up to 11 inches and total weight 70 pounds, and the plastic we will be using it would be heat resistant

Best Regards,

Bien à vous,


Logistics Analyst / Analyste de la Logistique

380 St-Louis, St-Jean-suk,– Canada


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