capabilities of the packing line

Which includes all auxiliary tools at this strecht-bend-levelling line nearly thirty inverters variety Masterdrives MC and Masterdrives VC are linked specifically by Profibus DP to the control unit FM458 which is integrated in the plant PLC.

The complete electricity of the of the inverter-fed drives quantities appr. 1.900 kW. Over a typical intermediate circuit of the modular inverter blend the complete of the summation of motor-pushed and regenerative-driven engines -in line procedure- is evidently decreased to a connecting load of appr. 500 kW!
Primarily based on the computerized strip threading with the entirely computerized feeding provider, the established-up instances are lowered about fifteen up to 20 min for every coil modifying. For that reason the load and efficiency of the line is greater.

The with WinCC understood operating interface is multilingual switchable (german, english, asian photo language), whereby an simple operation by the customer’s staff members as properly by service staff members of the maker is warranted.

Coil data input (in asian photograph language):

The output knowledge can be entered guide as very well specified by a exceptional administration process. Each and every coil will be discovered with an bar code scanner by means of the assigned coil no. and well balanced with the specified production facts. The leveller will be altered routinely to the specified values. A variety of leveller cartridges with different leveller-roll and help-roll diameters will be viewed as.

All essential creation information will be transmitted to the connected floor inspection process.

Completed coils turn out to be signed with a printed bar code label for the coil no. and crucial coil knowledge in the chosen operator interface language.

Manage program: Simatic S7-four hundred with integrated FM458 management device
and nearby periphery-equipment ET200S

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