Cable wrapping machines wrap for cable wire coil

Body 20 can be a diagrammatic cross area seeking in the direction of the arrow 20 of Physique 1A,

displaying the frame and motor raised, using the regular situation in the frame, the cable coil wrapper, and the position of the coil wrapper driving shaft in swinging for reversal of the driving shaft simply being displayed in dotted collections; and

Physique 21 is an swollen detail showing driving shaft reversingcap and lock.

Discussing said sketches, A is definitely the cable becoming wrapped, which the carriage B runs on wheels C each and every conclusion of the carriage and carrying the motor unit D for driving a car the wrapper E, the wrapper being reinforced about the cable A on the seat to be detailed. The cable coil wrapper E is shifted across the cable by feed of the wire as covered, 35 as usual such constructions, the driving a car shaft in the electric motor simply being telescoped to permit this kind of activity individually of your motor and carriage and at time intervals the carriage together with the motor D is transferred down the cable to go by the cable coil wrapper by any ideal draw-together, installed as preferred in the cable, just a small lighting take-along being necessary for this motion in the carriage around the promoting wheels C. The machine is displayed as wrapping with all the cable coil wrapper relocated from the take feeder, the wire becoming twisted about the cable from your conclusion from the wrapper in advance since the cable coil wrapper techniques down the cable.

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