Cable packaging line and PV film payment term


cable wrapping machine & cable packing line

The quote which u sent is same as previous cable packaging line.

Plz send us Perfoma Invoice as per below which we already have agreed.

1 Please use word Performa Invoice instead of quotation
2 In the performa invoice plz add 7 MT PVC Film at agreed price USD 2.31/KG
3 Revise the payment term which is 40 % at the time order and balance 60% after checking at factory.
4 Make total figure of USD in the last.
5 Technical person will be provided for installation and commissioning at Zambia, air ticket room and boarding charges will be in buyer account.


We are accepting your counter offer asper below  except price of PVC Film for cable packing line
We are suggesting  to consider USD 2.5/KG means USD 2500/MT.
Kindly confirm and send us PI along with consumables so that we can process advance.


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