Cable Coil packing machines are presently used for cable coil wrapping

In order to give a biasing power operating to desire the platens towards the other, springs 80 are encased therewithin and carry at one particular finish against the inner ends 82 of the platens and also at their other comes to an end from an end associate 84 kept in situation by set screws 86. The spring forces are of suiciently substantial beliefs that functioning from the cable wrapping machine cannot be obtained personally, and in the embodiment disclosed herein, motion from the cable wrapping machine to a open placement for enabling insertion of the coil and page of insulation is attained by providing a couple of end pins 88 in the budget of each side from the platens. These pins are engageable by a camera 90 getting beveled finishes 92. Upward movement of the cam urges the pins and attached platens apart a distance suiicient to receive the coil C adapted for positioning therein, as is apparent. Downward movement of the coil in the device is limited by stop plates 94 oating between the bars. These dishes extend with the encounters in the cable wrapping machine and they are loosely tted therein to permit their positioning in the case of misalignment involving the platens. The cam is actuated to a up placement by an air actuated piston, as hereinafter described, and is returned for an inoperative position by a pair of springs 96 biased at their reduced comes to an end against an inner part of the cam and also at the upper comes to an end against halts 98 offered around the drive dishes 56. Restricting pins 100 limit the degree of motion from the cams inside a vertical direction although gibs 101 information the movements in the cams 90 up and down.

The equipment employed in traveling the sprocket tire 50 and connected platens is made up of motor 110 attached by way of a clutch system 112 and braking system 114 into a shaft 116 guaranteed in bearings 118. A plurality of products wheels 120 are installed on the shaft for acquiring distinct driving a vehicle speeds for your platens 26 and 28. Inside the embodiment displayed, a travel sequence is utilized for transmitting the power through the items tires 120 for the sprocket tire 50 installed in the correct assemblage around the table 20. As shown in Figure 2, firm engagement of the chain with the sprocket wheel is obtained by causing the chain to mesh with a pinion gear 122 supported by a bushing 124 and shaft 126 centrally mounted in the end plate 34 provided in the right assembly. So that you can make up slack within the sequence whenever a gear tire of numerous dimensions are applied, an perspective dish 123 is rigidly axed on the dinner table and can handle a disc 125 possessing a set of oppositely disposed sprockets 127 over in which the chain goes by. The disc is more provided with opportunities 129 engageable with a lever left arm 131 also pivoted in the kitchen table. As is apparent, when gear wheels of different size are used, the disc is rotated to either increase or decrease the length of chain passing over the sprockets 127 and the disc is rmly held against movement by virtue of the anchoring effect of the lever arm in openings 129. Naturally, other power options and driving means may be utilized, like standard belt drives or immediately attached shafts, and different rate from the platens could be obtained by utilizing a variable speed electric motor, by way of example. Also, the generate dishes in assemblies could be motivated at the same time, particularly in installs tailored for cable wrapping sizeable sizing coils.

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