Cable Coil packing devices are currently usedfor wrapping coils withv pieces of insulation

In performing these-detailed objects ofk our invention, we-supply a cable coil wrapping machine having a pair. o f platents immediately actuated” toanopenfor closedV placement for receivingv a coil and insulating material,l tailored for posi- .and moreover, the develop of efficiency should be manufactured heavy- A rotation therein.

tioning therein. The platents, when shut down against the cable coil and fabric, spin throughout the coil as well as in so doing, wrap they materials around the coil whilst the second option is loosely kept towards motion with the proprietor. Particular rotary motion of the platens is obtained by way of a electric motor possessing a clutch and brake interposed therebetween while the number of revolutions made by the platens and their quitting situation is controlled by a power circuit developing a time and counter delay elements incorporated therein. As a way to streamline the cable coil wrapping approach, the machine and related air flow and electrical circuits are established inside a manner necessitating an operator simply to set an indicator for the volume of converts of materials wanted with a cable coil and also to actuate a ft . switch to commence operation from the machine after a coil is placed therein for wrapping.

Even though the specs concludes with statements particularlyl directed out and distinctly declaring the niche make a difference which we reverence as our invention, it is considered the innovation will probably be much better recognized fromthe subsequent outline consumed in exposure to the related drawings through which:

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