Cable automobile coil packing machine incorporate two machine

Practical Parameter:

1.Machine Type: YK-01

2.Palletizing Ability: 25cartons/minutes

3.Energy Consumption: 5KW

4.Air flow Consumption: 45NM3/H 380AC 50Hz

6.Pneumatic: 5-6kg/cm3

7.Noises ≤75db

8.Functional Action: Touch-screen

9.Machine Bodyweight: 3500kg

Machine Factors:

1)Packing Speed:8-12cartons/minutes

2)Carton Size: in accordance with the need for consumers

3)Pallet Size: in line with the demand of clientele

4)Palletizing Way: based on the demand of clients

5)Voltage: about 6Kw

6) Pneumatic: .6~.8Mpa

7)Power: 380V

Functionality qualities.

1. PLC control, easy use.

2. Let linear movement becoming reality, streamline control program.

3. Basic structure, reduced malfunction rate and hassle-free routine maintenance.

4. Number of major parts and accessories, so servicing charges lower.

5. Reduced strength intake, only 1/5 ingestion the exact same form of mechanized. stacker crane off their organization.

6. Only need a little floor space, surface employment ratio is great

7. Diversified models, flexibly adjust numerous palletizing requirements.

8. Accommodating use technique, can most handle 6 creation collections. 9. Manipulator finger style\so can also work safely and securely.

10. Manipulator left arm Lightsome robust, energy preservation and enviromentally friendly defense.

Product Specifications/Characteristics

Cable auto coil packing machine

Cable car coil packing machine consist of two machine of car coiling machine and auto wrapping machine. These of machine can work collectively and velocity could be synchronous.

Vehicle coiling machine:

The pressing display screen is simple to control the machine. The servo-program and circumrotation method have the traverse motion more harmonious. Once the machine works incorrect, it would sensation the problem, and advise the staff member. The storage system can deposit 99 different types of winding specification. If you want to change the product specification which you’ve fed into the system, you just need read the material you’ve deposited, and need not adjust the machine structure, moreover.

PLC microcomputer servo process accuracy and precision bidirectional sensing cylinders can be used for control. It consists of gauge counting device, components giving machine, line reducing system, intelligent moving and returning product, and materials providing machine.

Car wrapping machine:

Substantial speeds coil wrapping with Pvc material, PE film, PP woven music group, or paper. Display touch Graphical Procedure Terminal makes it simple to function. The Four forearms carrier, powered by DC electric motor: Changes the coil easily for wrapping. You may input while keeping 99 varieties of coil wrapping information within the PLC storage.

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