bobbin tilter and upender

From the spec attached, you have the bobbin’s dimensions.


We have been discussing bobbin tilter and upender  here and we concluded that need to change the idea about layout to the picture 2…The best way for our process will be:

            picture 2

 bobbin coil tilter and upender


1 – Can we adjust the traversing of the bobbin tilter and upender ? Maybe doing new holes to fix it to the table if we need? By the picture I understood that the traversing are fixed just with screws that’s it?

Our maintenance can change its position in the future if necessary right ?



2 – About the remote control that we mentioned during the quotation, how controllers are you providing ? is it possible to have 3 or 4 controllers?  

We’re imagining that it’s going to be something like a car’s key, lets us know how your preparing it?

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