board packing machine and shrinking machinery

board packaging machine
board packaging machine

The new board packing&shrinking machine is range of automatic shrink wrap packers, which is designed per some key concepts such as easy operation, high technology, safety… This is totally a new, a kind of revolution in the board packaging history of Fhopepack products.

The new board packer rather can be pointed as safety equipment quickly due to  the movable safety guards. It allow to cover all the movement parts inside of shield.  The new heat-shrinking tunnels of the BOARD PACKAGING machine with circle heating technical solutions that allow to save energy consumption alot. That ensure the utmost environmental friendly and green compatibility of the packaging processes. The shrink wrap solution is so improve the packaging surface and provide a strong packaging per stocking.

The BOARD PACKING MACHINE series is including following parts: automatic film sealing machine, board shrink wrapper machines and conveyors. It is also work for packing plastic,stretch film, metal , cardboard ,profile, panel… We providing solution depends on the specification and packing goal.The automatic machine also can be designed to pack board in film only, cardboard pad + film…

The speed of the board packaging machine is upt0 15m per minute.The shrinking tunnel size depending on the board product to be packaged. The temperature and the speed of conveyor is adjustable per different board size.  All board packaging machine are equipped with PLC&HMI program control system with respect to the quality mechanical for high speed packing.

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