Big Aluminum coil stretch wrapper

Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine
Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine

More information:

g. Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster

able to provide aluminum coil stretch wrapper:

  • Casting capacity = min.20.000 t/y;
  • Casting of alloys listed under item III b (please see above);
  • Casting parameters set for different widths, alloys and thicknesses;
  • Cast strip shape characteristics:

–       Coil width: 800– 1800 (-0/+6) mm

–       Coil thickness:6,35 (-0/+0,04) mm

–       Longitudinal gauge variations over the coil length below +/-2%,

–       Longitudinal gauge variations over one roll revolution below +/-1%,

–       Cross profile between 0 and 1%, tilting between two edges limited to 1%,

–       Transversal flatness : 0,4 – 1%

–       Longitudinal flatness: 1 – 1,5%



No hollow centre is allowed.

  • Coil characteristics:

–    Coil outside diameter:max. 2000 mm

–    Coil inside diameter:610 ±10 mm

–    Coil shape: the coil obtained shall have a cylindrical shape. Edges shall be straight: 10 mm maximum wrap to wrap variation, 25 mm maximum coil telescoping (oscillation)


– Coils in the shape of barrel or wraps not winded uniformly shall not be accepted.   

–    Flat edges to reduce material loss and time for the edge cutting operation.

  • Chemical composition characteristics:

–       Uniform chemical composition in the entire cast strip section;

  • Uniform internal structure in the entire cast strip section: fine grain size shall be uniformly distributed across full transversal cast section on both sides

–       phases uniformly distributed;

–       smooth, clean and compact rolling surface

–       no segregations or minimum segregation and no grain size variation across strip centre line (very limited centerline segregation);

–       no hard phases;

–       no surface segregations;

–       low roughness and oxide level surface;

–       free of casting surface defects such as: protruding metal, cracks, lubricant or handling marks, corrosion, scratches or gouges severe enough to be apparent to the fingernail, visible dents, roll shell patterns etc.

  • uniform mechanical characteristics across full cast strip section, in terms of:

–       elongation

–       yield point

–       tensile strength



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