back upending hydrocylinder plus a rear turning arm

[0023] The application version is always to identify the sake of illustration and description offered, rather than exhaustive or even to the utility design has limitations to the kind revealed. Several modifications and variations to individuals of regular skill is apparent. In order to better illustrate the practice and principles of the utility model application, and the person of ordinary skill in the art to understand the design of the utility model for a particular purpose so that various modifications with various embodiments, Embodiments are described and chosen.

The technology pertains to a hydraulic relay upender which can be notably employed for large-position upending of a large-size workpiece, from the practical industry of automatic welding equipment. The hydraulic relay upender comprises a frame, a top spinning left arm, a front side upending hydrocylinder, a again upending hydrocylinder as well as a again rotating arm, where the upper and lower parts in the correct side of your framework are respectively provided with a front side upending hydrocylinder foundation and a back upending hydrocylinder basic; the top rotating left arm along with the back spinning arm are correspondingly movably easy-to-open for both sides of the midline of your framework; the best conclusion of the entrance upending hydrocylinder is movably easy-to-open in the top upending hydrocylinder basic, and the kept conclusion is movably easy-to-open on the budget in the top rotating left arm; along with the appropriate conclusion of the back again upending hydrocylinder is movably hinged around the back again upending hydrocylinder base, and the left stop is movably hinged on the lower end from the back again revolving left arm. The invention carries a reasonable, simple and compact framework, is straightforward and useful to operate, can upend the workpiece inside a huge dimensional collection, can upend the workpiece smoothly without damaging the workpiece, enhances the operate effectiveness of your personnel and reduces the labor power of the workers.

CLAIMS(9) converted from Chinese

1 A hydraulic servomotor upender converting machine, recognized because: consists of a frame (1), the very first left arm (2), well before switching the hydraulic tube (3), right after switching the hydraulic tube (4) and also the back end arm (5), stated structure (1), appropriate-part hydraulic tube, correspondingly, a front change bottom (6) and also the back end hydraulic cylinders switching basic (7); said front side left arm (2) and the back arm (5) are productive easy-to-open about the body (1) on both edges of the heart series; mentioned front flick hydraulic tube (3) the 1st lifestyle hinge flick appropriate hydraulic cylinder foundation (6), the still left top active hinge left arm (2) lower end; mentioned rear Flick hydraulic cylinder (4) inside the back end proper aspect in the living hinge change hydraulic tube base (7) on the rear kept aspect of the living hinge arm (5) reduce.

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