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components might be machined mildew set, can change the six encounters changed molds multi purpose mechanized feeder solve the prior art work, using limited stability very low coefficient problem; when an additional one of many energy product aspires to provide a more secure, dependable, modest footprint, easy to use multi-work technical molds convert feeder. The power version main purpose of these technological innovation is dealt with with the pursuing technological alternatives: an adaptable technical molds transform providing machine, comprising a base, a hinge axis, flip table, stores, magnetic kitchen table, turning shafts, telescopic deal with, base There exists switched engine, sprocket tensioner sprocket and transitional, flick in the motor unit with all the generate sprocket; mentioned hinge axis hinge assist with the about three fixed within the bottom; explained change board as well as 2 tires connected by a flick the coupling go is hinged towards the hinge axis of the hinge, flick table with rotary electric motor, the electric motor spinning a push items; the sequence and sprocket, the chain tensioning sprocket proposal move, the sequence comes to an end have been easy-to-open to the flick coupling head round stops, and it is found on a group of friends across the tire flip coupling; mentioned magnet desk has a number of long-lasting magnet sucker and stoppers, each long term magnet sucker interlocked via an intermediate shaft; explained rotation axis goes by from the going displaying Inside the flick-table, with turning shaft powered products, driven equipment meshing with the traveling products; explained retractable cover dish resolved for the base and turn involving; the base include electric powered manage box, handle pack provided with remote control running deal with. The energy design multi purpose technical feeder molds change change 90 degrees together with the horizontal path, the dinner table rotates 360 levels, magnetic adsorption fixed workpiece capabilities; thank you flip aspect table, relative to other molds machine can save l / 3 footprint. Therefore, the application product has multi-functionality, very easy to reliable, safe and use, tiny footprint and the like. Description Of Your DRAWINGS Figure 1 may be the application of a specific embodiment in the schematic front look at; Physique 2 is just one distinct embodiment of your utility product schematic kept area perspective; Body 3 is definitely the energy of a particular embodiment of your schematic leading look at the structure;

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