automatically coil packaging machine and demands

With the development Intelligent material, expanded its scope of application to a package and there is a “smart packaging” concept. So-called intelligent coil packaging machine, and refers to the use of new packaging materials, structure and form of the quality of the goods circulation and safety of active intervention and protection of this information collection, management, control and optimization of processing technology for transport packaging system management.
United States well-known market research firm Freedonia recently published an article titled active and intelligent packaging research reports that with the advancement of population aging process, United States intelligent packaging market trend is growing. It is expected that 2017 United States of smart packaging market will reach $ 3.5 billion. The next 3 years, the compound annual growth rate of 8.
Active packaging, also known as coil packaging machine refers to adding various gas absorbers in the bag and a release agent to remove excess CO2, ethene and moisture, replenish the O2, sack maintained suitable for storage and preservation of fresh-cut vegetables suitable for gas environments. In order to guarantee food safety, consumers do not eat spoiled food, scientists have developed something that will indicate whether the food spoiled new packaging technology and the extension of food shelf life of packaging technology, these techniques referred to as “active packaging technology” or “intelligent coil packaging technology”.
Experts predict that in the next few years, each individually wrapped products are fitted with a smart tag, 2015 RFID tag’s annual demand will reach 1 trillion, most of which will be used in smart packaging. Smart packaging can be seen just from RFID demands a huge market and potential opportunities.

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