Automatic wireway packing machine with orbital stretch wrapper

Following is wireway packing machine solution discuss with customer wireway bundling machine

Good evening.

Please send the lay-out of complete line of bundle and shrinking machines and orbital stretch wrapper and how much is production capacity of 2 meter wireway.

The shrinking tunnel’s heater is infrared heater or finned heater.

Please check the quotation attached for the automatic system per your need.
It including two stretch film strapping machines and sealing&shrinking machine.
Any question feel free let me know.
For your packagign requirement from length 1000-2000mm. If machine designed according 1m wireway, 2m’s strapping positions  as following
I think it may not meets your goal.
I think the best srapping position for 2m is as following:
By this way, 1m wireway can not be well strap.
So we need to find a solution to make orbital stretch wrapper adjustable properly both 1m and 2m. It will increase the cost.
But if there is only one station, above problem is not exit.
The strapping speed is app. 12sce/strap. considering the indeeding and out feeding, two straps takes app. 30sec
I’d like to know what is the packing speed required, so that we can design the packing solution per your need.
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