Automatic Wire wrapping machine for PC wire
Some special requirement for wire coil packing

Please find the required info as below in RED FONT  in your table.


Additional info is given  in  below lines..

The piece of wood is 130 mm x 90 mm x 230 mm , 4 nos attached to bottom of coil for palletizing .


Attached please find the photo “IMG 0704” of product coil to be wrapped packed and palletized , tilted .


Complete packed coil look like in photo “IMG 0676” .


We expect to wrap pack about  100 coils a day .


Please feel free to ask more information if needed,





Dear Mr. Jelloul,


This is Fhopepack, i will following up your need for PC Strand coil packaging machine.


Before offering a solution, i’d like to know the information following:


1. Coil info

Coil No. OD (mm) ID(mm) WIDTH(mm) WEIGHT(Kg)
1  1200 800  760  3000 
2  1250 800  760  3500 
3  1300 800  760  4000 
4  1150 800    760  2500 
…           5    1100    800   760   2000 

2. What is the packing material, such as HDPE, Paper…

First layer of HDPE  woven vci paper 180 gsm ,  and second layer of HDPE Woven plain poly with lamination on both side and printed GSS logo . The roll 150 width is wrapped with 75 mm overlap.

a. Vertical coil wrapper




b. horizontal big coil wrapper


c. Automatic coil packaging solution



I think vertical coil wrapper is able meet your packaging goal.


Any requirement just feel free let me know. Our team will do best per your packaging goal.


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