automatic stretch wrapping machine with robot

  1. They want to make sure the depth of the ring+frame is not over 100mm ?——-100mm is ok, but it not includ the film roll size.
  2. In the video, they don’t see the film cutter and attacher (for initial wrapping) work. Please send us the video about this functions.—–From this video you can see the cutter and clamper clearly
  3. They want to make sure that the machine have function adjust the amount of film overlay on tube ?——Do you mean overlapping, Changing the ring speed and infeeding speed is able changing the overlapping rate.
  4. How to control the tension of the film ?——There are tension device in film roll
  5. The machine speed have automatically vary from slow – high – slow according the wrapping method. The speed each phase can control.—–By adjustment the inverter
  6. Inbound ring space is completely free open for robot coming in/out.—– ok


Hope you have received the Cable coil pics, which sent by whatsapp.

As u suggested , please provide a free platform connect with machine , so that we can unload the cable coil from Wrapping machine.

If you need any information , kindly inform us.

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