Automatic Strapping machine for panel

PET strapping machine
PET strapping machine for panel

I would appreciate if you could send me all the specifications and costs of your Stretch Hood Machines and orbital stretch wrapper capable of covering beverage can pallets 2740H x 1420W x 1120L. I also require the thickness of the bags or film that would be necessary to use on the machine.

Please include best cost for the panel strapping machine, delivery time and commissioning cost.

Thanks and Regards,

Ally Nicoll,

Plant Manager,

orbital stretch wrapper ,spiral wrapper
orbital stretch wrapper

is an Italian Manufacturer of Packing Machines:


Please find here enclosed a short company profile showing some images of sectors where we are involved.

According to requests received from our customers, we would like to highlight the increasing interest in STRETCH HOOD TECHNOLOGY of companies working in all different sectors.

Wrapper’s STRETCH HOOD TECHNOLOGY does not use any gas to pack goods on pallet, allows to obtain a better aesthetically result on final packing and brings savings compared to traditional shrink hooding system.

I stay at your disposal for further information for orbital stretch wrapper.

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