Automatic strapping machine after service items


i) All accessories, attachments, tools, cutter, die, punch etc. required to perform the above mentioned job to be supplied and mentioned with price in offer.

ii) Standard Coiling, Lubricating & Lighting system should be provided with the coiling and strapping machine.

iii) Installation, trial run operation and maintenance training is to be provided by the strapping machine manufacturer. The duration of training should be at least 2 (two) weeks with trial   production.

iv) 1 ´ Operator/ Programming Manual in English must be supplied with Automatic PET STRAPPING machine.

v) 2 ´ Maintenance/trouble shooting/ Repair Manual in English must be      supplied with machine.

vi). Warranty for 01 (one) year after acceptance.

vii) Bidder should submit original Leaflet/ Brochure with the offer.

viii)  Country of manufacture and assembly should be mentioned in the     offer.

ix) All necessary Software to handle & maintain must be supplied along with machine.

x) Fast and slow moving spares parts, strapping head, cutter, die, punch with quoted price are to be given with the tender including yearly escalation price minimum for five years.

xi) 10 years service support with spares for minimum to be provided by the manufacturer if necessary. List of fast moving spares/accessories with cost to be provided        with the tender.

xii) PSI: A strapping machine technical team of 02 members of BOF would go for pre-     shipment inspection          to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 05         (Five) working days.

xiii) Foreign Training of Personnel: A technical team of 04 members of BOF would go for Necessary Training to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 01 (One) Week.

xiv) Any other items if require should be mentioned with the offer.

xv)  Manufacturer should have ISO or equivalent standard certificate.

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