automatic steel coil strapping machinery

“100-800N” is the tension force of PP material ( thickness=0.6mm), and I forgot to modify it in the quotation.


The PET tension is stronger than PP material. We asked our local strap manufacturer, they told us the maximum tension of PET strap ( thickness 0.9mm, width 16mm) is about 5500N-6000N (550kg-600kg). It is a kind of knit tape. The tension strength limit depends on the material itself. The thicker, the stronger. The length of this PET strap could be made about 1000 meters.


coil strapping machine
coil strapping machine, automatic steel coil strapper

Reference photo

Automatic strapping machine:
Theoretically, the tension force could be adjusted from zero to yield strength limit ( maybe 5500N), but the machine just works in a safe area (below). Too loose or too tight is not suitable for the product–steel coil strapping. It is easy broken if the tension is near the strength limit. And also this is the one job of commissioning.


Safe tension adjustment area
5500N (550kg)
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