Automatic steel coil packing line discussion

steel coil packing system

Nice to see your information. Please find the answer as below list as your requested.

1.  Please providing the coil info:  Min.&Max. OD x ID x Width and WEIGHT? Min.&Max. OD = 780 – 1,200mm, Width 900 – 1,270mm, Weight 2 -5 Tons.

2. The coil car move at floor or in the foundation pit? The coil move by in the foundation pit.

3. What is the solution required for coil strapping on saddle and coil strapping with wooden pallet, semi-auto or automatic? Please you introduce 2 option by semi-auto and automatic.

Do you have wechat? We are using Microsoft Team.

Remark : We would like to know the budget, Can you summary the cost for us asap?

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