Automatic rubber hose coiling and packing machine


We will try to coiling the tube by this kind of machine:
pipe coiler&hose winding machine
One or two types hose is enough, but we need more length per coil.
For exampale, if you need coiling25m per coil, please send a coil in 55m.
                      if you need coiling 50m per coil, please send a coil in 105m.
hank you. For now we are focusing on machine from  offer.

We are currently preparing the shipping of rubber hoses to you to coiling them and to record a video of this process.

I will provide you information when we will send it.

We will send 50m section of hose with inside diameters 4, 10 and 20 and we will ask to coil them on the hose coiling machine with below specification:

hose ID lenght of hose d coil h coil
ID 4 50m 300 90
25m 300 90
ID 10 50m 300 120
25m 300 90
ID 20 50m 300 180
25m 300 120

Please inform which coiling machine you intend to use for coiling sample hoses we will send?

Thank you.

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