Automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper per inquiry


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Requirements Description
•   General Information
1.1 Description This stretch wrapping machine equipment will be used for wrapping master carton of export products.
1.2 Utilization Intended   for   a   maximum   uninterrupted   intermittent utilization of 24hrs/day
1.3 Room Condition The room of installation will have the following environment:Room temperature     :  NMT28 0C


Relative humidity      :  NMT60% Zoning                        :“D”Grade

•   Functional Requirements



Design Parameters


•    Rotate arm stretch wrapping Machine should be easy to carry.


•    Turn Plate(Speed):0-20r/min


•    Lifting Unit:Height controlled by photoelectric switch

•    Air Pressure(Kg/Cm2):4-6.


•    Gas Consumption:0.7m.


•    Diameter of Rotary Table:   400mm/Hr


•    Turntable speed can be adjustable.


•    Table height:600-650mm.


•    Height adjust ment should be flexible.


•    Column Height:1200-1250mm


•    Loading Capacity:Maximum60Kg


•    All movement sshould be independent to ensure instant winding.




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Requirements Description
•    Wrapper Specifications 

¾   Cater Corner:0~900mm


¾   Height:500~650mm


•    Have capacity to prevent damage of the goods.


•    Film Specification:


¾   Width:100-500mm.


¾   Thickness:15-25μm


¾   Stretchrate:100%-300%.


¾   Toxicity:Film should be free from to xi city.


•    Work Noise:≤75DB.

•   UtilityServices
3.1 Electrical requirements  

•    Power Supply:AC220V,50Hz,1000Watt


•    Phase:1Phase.

•   ValidationAspects
4.1 Installation, commissioning and support requirements •   Delivery:  5  to  6  weeks  after  receipt  of  confirmed order&LC.•   DQ-IQ-OQDocuments.


•   Recommended   Spares:   Necessary   spares   for   2


Years smooth operation.


•   Manufacturin gdefect will be repaired or replaced at free of charge based on the provisions of  warranty policy.

•   MOCCertificates.

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