Automatic Pipe feeding and bundle making machine



Thanks for your quotation.
I attached some photos of our pipes and a video. You can also see our bags type.
We can adapt the dimension of our bag’s roll with your machine, but the thickness of the bag is important for us.
I have some question about your quotation.

1- Can we use the automatic pipe feeding according to the photos and video that I send from our pipes?
2- Please determine the dimension of your machine.
3- You have different types of bagging machine and I watched some video of them. Please determine the video link of the bundle making machine that you send me it’s quotation.
4- We have more than 20 extruders and we should estimate the quantity of our packing machine. Can you determine the packing rate of your machine for each rows of the pipe’s table?
5- Can we keep the thickness and material of our bags when we use your bundle machine?


There are bundle orbital stretch wrapper and stretch wrapping machine too.

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