Automatic pipe coiler and coil stretch wrapper

coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coil stretch wrapping machine, aluminum packing machine
 need an offer for one of your product , pipe  coiler and packing machine.
As we have big range of pipe coil, PE water and gas pipe, from 16-125 mm coils we would like to make packing on all diameters , so we need an offer for packing coils with the characteristics of coil:
1. pipe packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 450 mm ,and OD of coil 1400 mm, and width of coil min 270- max 550 mm
2. pipe packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 1000 mm ,and OD of coil 3100 mm, and width of coil min 500- max 800mm
Packing with stretch foil.
If you have solution for both option , please send me an offer and table with characteristics of the machine.
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This Request for Information(RFI) needs your prompt attention.
We have the following message for you:

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine
hose coiling machine and coiler

Dear sir:

according our call we are staying in hotel its phone. no. (021-589059555) room no.711

we are egyptian company for copper products it’s located in Egypt

we are producing copper rod 12.5mm a s coils its weight 2mt its purity 99.9% please check our catalogue

if you interested to buy it contact me to meet you through our staying in Shanghai and complete first transaction together

we can provide you with at lease 100mt monthly

also we can provide you with copper wire 3mm its purity from 95%to 98% weight of coil 300K.g


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