Automatic Panel Packaging Machine

Easy to operate the control of many different packaging machines that are used to set or operate these machines. From button control to switch setup to touch screen, every machine manufactured by liquid packaging solution is designed to make device operation as simple as possible. Although most of the automatic packaging equipment will include a main power switch and emergency stop and reset button, different types of devices will be controlled in different ways. Let’s get a quick look at the control of some of the most common machines built by LPS.
Turntable and conveyer
Loading turntables, accumulating turntables and power conveyors are simply machines to operate, and it can be controlled in a number of rows or turntables or conveyor belts itself. The operator only needs to flip the switch to open the device and use a simple speed pan to adjust the speed of the desktop or belt movement. In addition, the control can be connected to the control panel of another packaging machine. For example, the control panel of a filling machine can include a turntable, a power conveyor, or both power and speed control. It is helpful to improve the operation efficiency of the packaging line by concentrating the control of multiple machines on a control panel.

Container automatic cleaning equipment will include more detailed than the control discs and conveyor. These machines will include a control box with the touch screen operator interface. On the interface screen, there will be menus, allowing operators to manually control some functions of rinse equipment, as well as screen setup time, index time and other functions of the machine. In general, the delay time and duration of index and flushing will be set in the initial use of the machine (or the internal test machine). All the relevant information of the production operation is called the formula. Once all the data has been entered a specific container, formula can be recorded and stored in the PLC for future use. Therefore, instead of finding and setting the bottle time on every occasion used on the packaging line, the prescription screen is allowed to be set at once, then simply review the future settings, make the transformation as simple as possible, and significantly reduce downtime.

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