Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine feactures




Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging
Automatic pallet wrapping machine for bag pallet packaging

Automatic stretch wrapping machine:

Q1.What is the exact difference between semi auto and auto.

a. Semi auto: select stretch wrapping position, wrapping position re-inforcement,required wrapping layers…should be operated manually by pressing the buttons. The operator can not leave the machine while it is running.

b. Auto: Just need pressing the “start” button, then the total wrapping process would be

accomplished automatically since the PLC helps you to set the required program in advance. You can also re-set the wrapping program easily on operation panel.(USER’S MANUAL will give the details).

Q2.What is the difference in both machine, what is the difference on the tension control the semi auto is mechanical spring, and auto is magnetic controller, how this work, what is the spring and the magnetic controller.

a. Magnetic controller VS Mechanical spring:

The total device is compound of three parts and updated designed (simply can refer to the attached picture for main part).The film tension can easily control by adjusting the tension button on the operation panel. But the Mechanical spring is just a simple tension device.

b. Picture of spring and magnetic controller for reference.







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