Automatic orbital stretch wrapper or panel


Orbital stretch wrapper for panel
Orbital stretch wrapper for panel


Doyouneed EyeWrapping (or) Coil Wrapping?     Coil Wrapping


Materialofwhichgoodsaremade     Strip & Foil



Shape for orbital wrapping          ProfileB




OuterØmaximunD  1000                   mm            OuterØminimumD    300           mm InnerØmaximun  d  460                                 mm            InnerØminimumd      100         mm Width  Bmaximun    430                                mm           WidthBminimum          5    mm

Weightofcoil  max.   250                 Kg            Weightofcoil  min         4         Kg


WidthofpackagingmaterialB   75      mm           WidthofoverlapU  40     %  50     mm


DiagonalQmaximum                            mm          DiagonalQminimum                        mm



We are the manufactures of copper brass strip & foils in Rewari distt.
Haryana India we are looking for automatic coil wrapping machine for our
finish goods Please find attached file for our requirement
Actually we need horizontal wrapping machine with conveyer system. Coil comes
through conveyer from slitting line & wrap automatically by wrapping machine
one by one.


steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine

You are kindly requested to quote your best Price for supplying Pipe Tape Wrapping Machine to the above mentioned project in Kuwait.


1- Pipe Material: Ductile Iron

2- Pipe Diameter: 1600 mm

3- Tape Width: 225 mm

4- Type of Operation: Motor Operated

5- Quantity: ONE Machine

Please attach technical catalogue for the quoted machine along with the commercial proposal.

Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.

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