automatic orbital stretch wrapper for wooden

Orbital stretch wrapper with film prestretch;
Orbital stretch wrapper with film prestretch;

More information:

l  Modular designing and strongconstructed

l  High packaging efficiency

l  Wide range packaging and working for hing applicability for special size product

l  Safety for product packaging and handlign

l  Extremely low cost of consumable and energy

l  Machine operation at low noise level

l  Reseting easy and imput set-up

l  Modular built and expandable to fully automatic machine

l  Adjustable product advancement speed using inverter

l  Machine is occupied with a quick change dispenser for the wrapping material

l  Tension control variable for different size package.

|  Not damage in packaging for the fragile products.

l  High tension during wrapping by stretch film


Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash


3) Features:

  1. Wrapping Station:

a)        PLC control program is used for automatic wrapping.

b)        Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring with strong structure makes steady in wrapping.

c)        Strong-ring & double-PU wheel devices make working more safe, stable & energetic.

d)       Friction driving wheels adjustable for the tension ring and long life using.

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