Automatic hose coiling machine and pipe coiler

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine
Automatic hose coiling machine and pipe coiler

We are Spanish company, we are interested by automatic Shrinking machine with a quick film loading system like your model Board shrinking machine for Aluminum profile,….

the maximum packing size (mm) (L x W X H) is 6500 X 400 X 300 .

Can you send information and quotation ?


when the machine wrappe a copiers and reach to top , it stop beacuse it is done
But I want the top of the copier also be wrapped.
Do you already has a machine which does that? or need to develop one?


I represent pipe coiler Technologies in U.S.A. We produce many types of plastic ducts and hoses. We are interested in packing some of our product using this packing method. Please provide pricing and delivery for your FPH 300, FPH 400 and FPH 500 packing machines. Please be aware I do not plan an immediate order of a packing machine. I am only in planning phase of this project. The actual purpose of a orbital stretch wrapper packing machine will not be until 2nd half of this year.

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