Automatic Hose Coil Winding & Packing Machine

Widely used in the packaging of goods can be rolled GW series horizontal coil packing machine, such as coil, steel, bronze belt, wire, aluminum coil, automatic coil packing line hose coil, bearing, wire and cable, plastic pipe, PE pipe, PVC pipe, rubber pipe spiral packing machine we can also provide customized solutions including scheme of winding, packing, reliable packing, stacking, transport power. PLC intelligent control system, will be the object’s outside diameter, in its ID with width, the machine will calculate the belt length, coating and cutting automatically immediately. The ring’s skateboard can be up and down to accommodate coils of different sizes. Polyurethane coated friction wheel. Ring with integral mold structure. 2 or 3 packing materials can be packaged synchronously in the packaging process. According to the actual needs of customers to customize the automatic winding package line, including packaging, stacking, packaging, turning and so on. Fast and accurate location of lap ring. Packing tape tension can be modified according to customer’s needs.
The machine adopts automatic operation, including automatic transportation, centralized, paper feeding, packing, turning, film cutting and so on. Strengthen the solid ring of aluminium alloy, the structure is firm and the packing is firm. The friction between the driving wheel and the ring is adjustable. Packing material can be adjusted with tension. 90%. The PLC program and interface enable the machine to automatically package. Use photoelectric sensor to set the packing position.
Automatic alarm when malfunction occurs. The touch screen and the alarm lamp automatically display the fault, and the operation is convenient. Independent control panel, easy to operate and maintain. The ring speed and the transmission speed of the touch screen are adjustable. Automatic film on top and end cut film. The automatic feed delivery system and the export delivery system are on-line. The coil is fed to the packing station and automatically packed. Depending on your needs, choose two types of packing: wrap the roll through the center, and wrap the entire coil.

Automatic Hose Coil Winding & Packing MachineĀ 

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