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More information:

We need PE pipe coil wrapping machine for our irrigation pipe coils.

Our dimentions are as follows,

ID : 400 450

OD: 725 -950mm

Width : 180 400mm

Pleas offer us suitable machine both horizontal and vertical type.

Our wrapping materials are Strech films and black PE films for hose package

Thanks for your reply. I have two questions:

1.Is this the best price you can offer ?

2. And if we choose to buy it, can we have a performance / bank guarantee for one year ?

It looks interesting to us. In order to look into the buying possibility, please let me know the following:

-complete specifications

-the space required

-operation details



Please find the requirement of “Motorized Pipe Wrapping Machine”, as per the below details.

Pipe Wrapping Machine – Heavy Duty,

Motor operated – Heavy duty

Pipe Length – 12 Mtr

Pipe Dia. – 400mm – 1600mm

Details of Wrapping material to be used:

  • Tape Width – 150 mm
  • 50/150 (inner wrap), OW 200 (outer wrap) & primer B400 using 25mm overlap on mainline coating & 50% overlap on either end of the pipe.
  • Thickness of protective coating must be not less than 1.65mm.
  • Orbital stretch wrapper Machine shall carry out the coating free of rucks caused by uneven or loose tension and shall not be stretched in such a way that the tape width is appreciably decreased due to excessive tension.



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