automatic horizontal stretch wrapper packing solution

My name is Lina Garzon and I work with company in Colombia, we are a company of home appliances production.

We found your information in a YouTube video of horizontal stretch wrapper and we are very interested to work with you.

We have a factory that produces chest freezer and we want to technify the process of shrink wrapping that currently we are doing manually.

We view in your video that you have been working with similar companies to us. We want to know if you are in the capacity of development and send us quotation that can be adjusted to our products due that the packaging materials and dimensions of high and width are similar, the only difference is that we have different models with different sizes of long (80 cm and 1,65 cm)

Please confirm the received of my email and I will send you more information for horizontal stretch wrapper or let us know what kind of information you need from our side,


Best regards,

Lina Paola Garzón

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