Automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper


trunking packaging machinery
automatic trunking packing machine

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I represent the company Russkaya Trapeza – the supplier of food equipment in Russia.

At the moment we have the client who needs the horizontal packing machine for packing sunflower seeds. The picture of the product is in the attached file.

Please give me the price offer for doypack packing machine with zip-lock system. With multihead weighting doser.

The inquired speed is 40-50 packings.

The size of the bag is:

Width – 160 mm

Height – 240 mm

Width of bottom – 60 mm

Weight – 250 gramms

The client found himself the producer – model S260.

I do not know their price, but if we offer something cheaper, they will buy from us.

Do you produce such type of equipment in your company?

Can you please make me your best offer?

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