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The cause of the fault, automatic stretch wrapper packaging machine equipment fault type and management scheme
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Automatic packaging machine equipment although is high efficiency, automation high production of packaging machine industry equipment, but such and such failure is inevitable, we all know that failure will not only disrupt the order of production, but also cause adverse effects in different degree on product quality, cost, safety and other aspects, causing economic losses to the enterprise. This article is the two reason Ji’nan quick Xiaobian fault of packing machine equipment to solve this problem are analyzed, and summarize the fault type and management scheme, help prevent or reduce the fault, improve the automatic packaging machine equipment technology state.
One, fully automatic stretch wrapper packaging machine equipment fault reason:
(a), packaging machine equipment production site environment is not good
1 Effect of temperature, high humidity, on the machine (22 – 2 DEG C is the best temperature, relative humidity is 55~60%). If the temperature is higher, the humidity of the environment, change the original fit because parts of the expansion, cause with loose or aggravate the wear, the service life of the machine will be greatly affected, especially made of non-metal materials slide etc.. In parts of relative motion due to deformation are prone to malfunction, serious still can damage some components and parts, and may even cause shutdown repair.
Effects of 2, more dust on the machine. If the stretch wrapping equipment for a long time and more dust in the environment, when the dust component relative motion between components, easy to produce wear, machine movement parts with the loose will cause incoordination.
(two), caused by the fault of packaging materials
Packaging film of poor quality, tension is not up to the requirements, resulting in forming overlapping wideband enough, loose packing, appearance is not up to the requirements.
Packaging film of poor quality, the cutting edge of Mao, heat sealing is irregular in shape, not close to the heat shrinking, shape error and can not accurately conveying in place, the passage blockage, resulting in downtime caused by fault, the transportation.

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