Automatic handling packing line

Specifications of Automatic Loading, Assembling and Packing Plant for 12.7 x 108mm (API and APIT)
1.Basis of Planning
i. Capacity required 10 million per annum.
ii. Operating hours 2000 per annum single shift.
2. Features.
a. Complete Ammo assembly
i. Feeding and locating of cartridge case
ii. Insertion of primer
iii. Sealant (primer + mouth) application
iv. Gauging of primer depth
v. Dosing of propellant charge weight (adjustable)
vi. Propellant charge weight sensing
vii. Bullet insertion
viii. Crimping
ix. Gauging
x. Visual inspection
xi. Packing
b. Bullet assembly
i. Lead cup manufacturing
ii. Sheathing of cups
iii. Steel core insertion
iv. Sheathed core baking
v. Feeding of Bullet jacket, sheathed core & Incendiary composition
vi. Tracer + Igniting composition preparation (for APIT only)
vii. Insertion & Pressing of tracer tube (for APIT only)
viii. Bullet Assembling
ix. Tumbling (if required)
x. Weighing & Gauging
xi. Inspection
xii. Bullet colouring
c. Primer Loading
i. Feeding and locating of empty caps
ii. Filling of composition
iii. Pre-pressing of composition
iv. Disc placing and Final pressing of composition
v. Tumbling
vi. Gauging
3. LAP kits to be utilized.
i. Case cartridges
ii. Bullet jacket
iii. Lead sheath
iv. Steel core (API & APIT)
v. Incendiary Composition
vi. Tracer + Igniting composition (for APIT only)
vii. Paint/Sealant
viii. Primer Caps
ix. Primer Composition
x. Propellant
Except sealant all parts 1000 sets would be made dummy and would be dispatched for trail at OEM premises.

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