Automatic encrusting machine video

Automatic encrusting machine Specifications:

Machine Aspect: L 1400x W 650 x H 1250mm

Machine Weight: 250Kg

Food Product weight: 10 ~ 150g

Capability: 10 ~ 40 personal computers/min

Electricity: 3 Period, 220V,.915KW

It’s lightweight and has three capabilities of dividing, forming and filling in just one process. The load of products, generating pace as well as the percentage of casing to filling up is changeable.

Encrusting machine could change attachments, like many kinds of optional tools for second molding.

Encrusting machine will make the food material with many different sticky and soft types.

It is actually totally secure to get controlled with little noise and extendedlasting functioning.

It can history individually the production info up to 100 different kinds of products by personal computer memory device.

It really is ideal for making Scotch Ovum, Chocolates Scratch Cookies, Mochi with Frozen Treats,Packed Stripe Biscuits, Barbecue Pastry Dessert , Floral Cupcakes, Packed Bagel, Pork Ball, Food Cake, Loaded Guacchi, Packed Biscuit, Sea food Golf ball, Piroschki, Seafood Paste, Coxinha, Maamoul and Kubba Packed Potato ,Rice-Flour Dumpling, Hamburg, Sultana Cracker, Treacle-food, Quenelle, Praline Marzipan, Dessert with Chocolates, Fresh fruits Pie, Little Taken, Flatten Packed Cupcakes and a lot more.
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